Discover more of Curaçao?

Curaçao is not only a fantastic holiday island to relax on one of the beautiful white palm fringed beaches with azure water, but also has it a lot to offer in nature on land and in in the sea.

Discover Curacao by going along with one of the boat trips and on the open sea, snorkeling or diving and admire the  sea turtles and tropical fish or go with a kayak to the beautiful mangrove's.

The wonderful nature on the country you can discover perfectly with a mountain bike. The different routes that the island has to offer will lead you to the most beautiful locations of Curacao where you even with the car can not come.

Who wouldn't want a time swimming with dolphins. The dolphins are so relaxed you forget everything. Experience the unique intensive handling and contact while swimming with dolphins in their natural water.


Experience the haven of peace that the dolphins emit.....